Bohol: An adventurers Mecca

For those that have visited Bohol, they can attest to the spirit of the local people.  Their knowledge of their forebear's history and the land that they inhabit, is full of wisdom. If you're into adventure, don't miss this article.

Sink your teeth into history, nature and adventure. For 85 long years, freedom fighter Francisco Dagohoy and around 23,000 of his men fought against Spanish rule. Through the patriotic deeds of Dagohoy and his men, the people of Bohol lived free from the hands of Spaniards.

Cradled between vast mountain ranges and nature’s best, lies the very site where Dagohoy and his men fought for freedom.

Enter Danao, Bohol, home of the longest revolution against the conquistadors and now host to a new adventure for the modern-day thrill seeker.

A two-hour car ride from Tagbilaran, takes you to Danao, Bohol’s Tourist Center, which offers a wide array of activities for the nature lover or outdoor adventurer within you.

Conveniently located 100 meters away from caves, the Waig River, rappelling sites and other outdoor adventure activities, it’s every climbing enthusiasts’ dream come true.

Enjoying the breathtaking scenic views, mysterious caves, the clear waters of Waig River and hiking through the mountains of Danao is all part of taking a big bite out of Danao and feasting on its splendor and history.

Adventure-seekers can embark on a variety of activities during the EAT Danao ecotourism tour, among them caving…

Thus every mountaineer, nature-lover and historian that will set foot on the historic grounds of Danao, will EAT Danao for all it’s worth— and enjoy every bite of it.

Though no real biting is involved, mind you.

EAT Danao is an ecotourism concept for the benefit of the municipality of Danao, Bohol and its people, to promote tourism without disrupting the environment.

…and kayaking.

“It’s making nature work for the people,” says Danao’s mayor, Thomas Gonzaga. By not disrupting the environment and instead working with what nature is providing them, EAT Danao can provide various activities for tourists interested in nature, history and outdoor activities.

Eating Danao may mean sinking one’s teeth into three things.

For the more laid back nature lover, it may be the Eco Adventure Tour (EAT). Nature junkies get to absorb nature best through leisurely walks through the mountains, heading up to the viewing deck and taking in the beauty that surrounds them or entering caves, like the Camira cave and marveling at the centuries old stalactites and stalagmites.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, or in this case, a zip line, that takes you from A to B in a snap.

For an adrenaline- pumping adventure and enjoying what nature has to offer, eating Danao may also be the Extreme Adventure Tour (EAT). With a good set of knees and fearless demeanor, take on the challenges nature has to offer. Glide over the river with the Tyrolean traverse or go rappelling and just ‘hang in there’. And to keep the blood pumping, climbers will definitely enjoy bouldering and rock climbing.

And jut to get a slice of history and education in the midst of marveling at the beauty of it all, take a bite out of the Educational Adventure Tour (EAT). The local community and tourist can enjoy the natural landscape with lessons on preservation of the ecosystem and the rich cultural history of Danao.

Danao, Bohol offers the ultimate adventure to any nature lover and extreme adventure enthusiast. With extensive natural resources, rich culture and friendly locals, eating Danao, Bohol is an experience not to be missed.

According to locals, freedom fighter Dagohoy had the ability to disappear and reappear at will. Some say that to this day, Dagohoy still appears to some locals who are hiking through the mountains. Who knows, he might just turn up the next time you come up to Danao – now that is something you definitely do not want to miss.

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