Property Brokers/ Agents


For rental properties, one month worth of rent for a one year contract is standard. This is not recurring; in other words, if the tenant chooses to renew, the owner does not have to pay any more commission.

Since a real estate agent's income is tied to the purchase amount, the temptation is always there to keep the price as high as possible. That is why often, brokers and sellers will work together to inflate the price and dupe the client. This is especially true if the client is a foreigner and "out of the loop" (ignorant of market conditions and unaware of the gossip making the rounds in the city).


If you suspect that your broker/ agent is not acting in your best interests, we recommend that you call the government's HLURB – The Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, visit their website: They are quite efficient and at least you will get some peace of mind.

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