Property Laws in Philippines

Republic Act 2728 [RA 2728 Sec. 3, amended by RA 3715, RA 3969] – regulation of the brokerage business

Republic Act 6552 [RA 6552] – Realty Installment Buyer Protection Act [Maceda Law]

Republic Act 4726 [RA 4726] – Condominum Act

Republic Act 7279 [RA 7279] – Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992

Republic Act 7160 [RA 7160]

Republic Act 6657 [RA 6657] – Landmark law of 1988, which brought about comprehensive agrarian reform program, the aim of which was essentially to eradicate the concept of haciendas by limiting ownership of land to 5 hectares per person.

Republic Act 7881 [RA 7881]

Presidential Decree 957 [PD 957] – Subdivision and Condominum Buyer's Protective Decree. Regulates the sale of subdivision lots and condouminiums, providing penalties for violations thereof.

Presidential Decree 1216 [PD 1216]

Executive Order 71 [EO 71] – Devolution of authority to approve subdivison projects from HLURB (Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board) to LGU's (Local Government Units).

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