Dauin and Apo Island’s splendor

Apo Island, Dauin, Dumaguete

A few hours by ferry from Cebu, dive lovers will find themselves in the pretty coastal town of Dumaguette. Famous for its Siliman University and clean city. However, a 45 minute journey from the city brings one to the spectacular dive sites of Dauin. To stay in Dauin is to drown in all the marine pride of Oriental Negros. Most dive sites, if not all, are declared Marine Protected... Read More

Bohol: An adventurers Mecca

bohol, chocolate hills

For those that have visited Bohol, they can attest to the spirit of the local people.  Their knowledge of their forebear's history and the land that they inhabit, is full of wisdom. If you're into adventure, don't miss this article. Sink your teeth into history, nature and adventure. For 85 long years, freedom fighter Francisco Dagohoy and around 23,000 of his men... Read More

Nature is Alive in Cebu


  As an inducement to visit the sunny shores of Cebu, we have put together a list of options for you to consider. There are various trustworthy organizations which can get you off to a flying start in some cool outdoor activities. If you’re hungry for an adventure package, look no further than the Moalboal-based outfit Planet Action run by a German National. They have... Read More

Golfing in Cebu

golfing in Cebu

  Therefore, it's probably no accident that several excellent championship courses are located in Cebu! Mactan Island has a handy 18-hole course and driving range. Their club house setting is picturesque and their kitchen serves wonderful food. Perfect after a long day hacking the course! Across the bridge from Mactan, you will find the more stately Cebu Country Club... Read More

Cebu’s Secret Gems

cebu, mactan island, shangri-la mactan

  One of my favorite things to do in Cebu is to head off to the Shangri-La's Cowrie Cove on a full moon. The bar is set right on the water's edge, overlooking the vast ocean. Here you can socialise in pure bliss. Your conversation, dotted with the occasional sound of a wave gently lapping up to the shoreline below. To secure the best location (and take advantage of... Read More

Guitar Capital

cebu guitars, guitars in cebu

Though pre-colonial Visayans had a variety of string instruments – including the buktot (“hunchback”) which used a coconut shell or gourd as resonator – the guitar is a Spanish introduction. Called gitara or kitara (from the Spanish guitarra), the guitar must have been manufactured in Cebu during the Spanish period. Yet, it developed as a local industry only... Read More

Olango Islands Wildlife Sanctuary

Cebu, Olango Wildlife, Sanctuary

If you enjoy the sight of a bird walking in tide pools or diving in shallow waters for fish, you might want to go bird watching in the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Recently, a group of mostly health workers, seeking solace after a work-filled week trooped to Olango via Mactan. The main goal was to watch the migratory birds as they stopped for rest and recreation in the 920... Read More

Diving in Cebu


Dive Diversity At Its Best Mactan Island, Moalboal, Malapascua Island, Gato Island, Hilutungan Island, Olango Island and Pescador Island is arguably where the regions best diving is located. One of the treats you will quickly discover, is that each area is famous for its own unique reasons. Whether it is an elusive Thresher shark, a hawk-billed turtle, the pygmy sea-horse, sleeping... Read More