Cebuano Boat Building

Various types of boats are recorded to have been built in Cebu even before the Spanish colonization. These boats range from damlog or balasiyan, small boats which are light enough to be carried by one man, to the big inter-island baroto, a meter and a quarter wide. But the most impressive of these local boats was the sleek and fast warship called karakoa. It had elevated platforms... Read More

Business Contacts / Trade Associations

A handy reference for contact info from key associations/ industry within Cebu. PHILEXPORT-CEBU3/F GMC Plaza Building Legaspi Extension, Cebu City Tel. Nos. (6332) 254-4240 / 254-4333Fax No. (6332) 254-0774Mr. Charles Streegan, PresidentMs. Sylvia Comendador, Executive Director   CEBU FURNITURE INDUSTRIES FOUNDATION, INC.3/F GMC Plaza Building Legaspi Extension, Cebu City Tel.... Read More

Hollywood comes to Cebu


Bigfoot owner to open film school in Mactan VENTURE capitalist Michael Gleissner, owner of communications powerhouse Bigfoot, has again showed his confidence in Cebu, by investing in $5 million for an international film school, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. The International Aca-demy of Film and Television (IAFT), which will be based in Mactan island, will not only... Read More

Destination: Cebu

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For starters, here’s Cebu’s economic activity by some indicators. Export receipts: nine percent of the Philippines’ total. Exports growth rate in the past five years: close to 20 percent. Monthly production output of cameras (mostly digital) at the Pentax facility inside Mactan Export Processing Zone: 300,000. Number of weekly commercial flights at the Mactan-Cebu... Read More

Retire in the Philippines?

The Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) is a special resident, non-immigrant visa with multiple entry/indefinite stay privileges. Moreover, the visa comes with value-added services, privileges and benefits. The SRRV is especially designed for those who wish to live in the Philippines on an extended or permanent basis. It is a “lifestyle” visa for those who enjoy... Read More