Property Laws in Philippines

Republic Act 2728 [RA 2728 Sec. 3, amended by RA 3715, RA 3969] – regulation of the brokerage business Republic Act 6552 [RA 6552] – Realty Installment Buyer Protection Act [Maceda Law] Republic Act 4726 [RA 4726] – Condominum Act Republic Act 7279 [RA 7279] – Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992 Republic Act 7160 [RA 7160] Republic Act 6657 [RA 6657]... Read More

Property Brokers/ Agents

  For rental properties, one month worth of rent for a one year contract is standard. This is not recurring; in other words, if the tenant chooses to renew, the owner does not have to pay any more commission. Since a real estate agent's income is tied to the purchase amount, the temptation is always there to keep the price as high as possible. That is why often, brokers... Read More

Foreign Property Ownership in The Philppines

Under the Philippine law, only Filipinos can own land. Foreigners are not allowed to own houses and lots in their own name, unless through the law via succession. The easiest way for a non-Filipino to acquire a house & lot is to have a Filipino spouse purchase the property or to set-up a corporation. The later must have 60% Filipino ownership and 40% foreign. However, there... Read More

Know The Law: Condominium Act / Buying & Selling Property

If your in the market to buy or have purchased and are experiencing problems; the following is a must read. » Republic Act 2726 THE CONDOMINIUM ACT» Republic Act 6552 REALTY INSTALLMENT BUYERS PROTECTION ACT» Presidential Decree 957CONDOMINIUM BUYERS' PROTECTIVE DECREE» Executive Order No. 648 s. (1981): HLURB» REAL ESTATE ACQUISITION & DISPOSITION... Read More

Property Law Opinion From An Experts Perpective

My law office handles legal matters in various fields of Corporate and Immigration Law especially designed for foreigners to organize business, investments, acquires properties (real and personal) and permanent resident status in the Philippines. In addition, my law office will handle and provide assistance on tax matters, accounting and financial consultancy and management. Under... Read More