Festivities in Cebu

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  Festivals   Sinulog. The Sinulog festival is Cebu's biggest and most popular. Celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January, the feast is in honor of the holy image Señor Santo Niño de Cebu. Fiesta Señor, as it is widely known, is the most celebrated among Cebu's festivals where people converge along the route of a grand solemn procession and partake... Read More

Restaurant and Bar: Local Knowledge

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  Whilst we don’t claim to be culinary experts, we have traveled extensively around-the-world, as a result, we do know what’s good and what’s not! We have made some suggestions below, which we suggest you check-out. The choices range from a fifty peso meal, to the top notch establishments.   Grills, Grills and More Grills Whilst we don’t claim... Read More

Eating Cebuano food in Cebu

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Cebuano food is big on chili peppers (“sili” locally) and vinegar. The locally grown peppers look like harmless tiny red slugs, but be warned, they pack a mean punch. Cebuanos mainly use sili as a side dish for dipping other morsels into. The sauce is made by combing the sili with a local vinegar that is made from a coconut sap mixture. It’s called suka bisaya. Another... Read More

Cebu Quick Facts


Population/Language Cebu Province has a population of more than 3 million. Cebuano, is the native tongue. Filipino (Tagalog) is commonly understood and spoken. The English language is widely used in business transactions and you’ll be surprised at how many locals speak it. Keep in mind, Cebuanos are not that keen on their Northern neighbours. If you know some Tagolog, use... Read More

Activities in and around Cebu


Boating: Fancy visiting an enchanted island with powder white sand, aqua marine water and fantastic snorkeling or diving? Boating is a great way (and one of the few ways) to move around the islands off Cebu and the main form of transport used to travel to dive spots in the area. From modern high-powered speed boats, to local bancas or a small hotel catamaran, Cebu has a vast selection... Read More